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Allison Wyman

Age: 35    Grade: 11th

Her fourth year in ROF, Allison ("Amazon Wyman") loves sports...almost any sports, especially basketball, tennis, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. When she's not playing sports, she likes to cook or play the piano. Her favorite subjects in school are English and Photography. As for food, Allison loves crepes because she only gets them once a year on her birthday. She also loves Mexican food, because she never gets sick of it. Her favorite actor is Jim Carrey and actress is Jennifer Garner.

Allison says she has greatly benefited from ROF, adding a whole new chapter to her life. It has taught her what a team really is and what it is like to have 12 brothers and sisters. It has provided her experiences she will never forget. What she enjoys the most about ROF is the traveling. She loves going on tours and seeing new places and things. She says you get so many new and extra-ordinary experiences that will last you a life time. You get to spend days with your second "family" and awesome trips.

This year she is to attending Portland Adventist Academy, and then hopefully to La Sierra University or Walla Walla College. Her goal is to be either an event/wedding coordinator or an international business woman. She also would love to spend a couple of years as a student missionary in Palau.

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