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Joel Brown

Age: 34    Grade: 10th

Joel likes to have fun! He loves being in ROF because of all the fun... having fun on tours with the great friends! Without having fun, he doesn't think you should be in the group. Being in ROF has given him new friends that he probably would not have otherwise made. He also enjoys missing school while on tour (just kidding!)

Joel also likes to read sometimes, but he likes to play the latest video games more. And he likes to sleep to make up for the time lost while gone away at concerts. He loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts and pizza. Why? Because KK donuts melt in your mouth, and pizza... well everyone loves pizza!

This year, Joel is at Portland Adventist Academy in Portland. His favorite subjects in school are English, History, Reading, and Spelling. As for college, he's not sure yet. His goals for now are to excel in bells even more and to have fun!

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