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Scrapbook for the 2002-03 Ring of Fire group

  This page contains fun moments involving the 2002-03 group. Listing are in reverse chronological order, with oldest at the bottom.
Europe Tour
June 23-July 10, 2003 - The trip of a lifetime...how can words describe the experience of our much anticipated trip to Europe. After many fundraisers, concerts, sales, donations, planning, and a lot of hard work, our dream came true! By why try to use words...here are some pictures to view this 18-day adventure.
AWR Recording Session
In late June, while visiting England during the European tour, ROF was invited to be interviewed and taped for a future radio spot in the Adventist World Radio programming. Here are some of the photos taken during that session. For more info about this session, check out the news story dated Aug. 1, 2003.
Northern California Tour
April 15-22, 2003 - This tour took ROF to some exciting and diverse areas, from the big cities of the Bay area to pop. 600 Fall River Mills, California. A highlight was meeting new friends from such handbell groups such as Velocity and Sonos. California 2003 Tour Page
NW Washington Tour
In February ROF made a quick brief tour up to NW Washington for a weekend packed with concerts and church services performances. Starting at Green Lake Church in Seattle on Saturday, it was then followed by a full evening concert in Mount Vernon. Sunday morning started with a church service in Edmonds followed by some sight-seeing at the Space Needle, and finally a full concert Sunday evening in Tacoma.
Christmas Concerts 2002
During the month of December is some of the business times for ROF. Concerts and performances occurred at a frequent pace, up to four in one day. This year included a variety of appearances ranging from churches to performing arts series to TV appearances to a remembrance service in memory of those children who died during 2002 at Lagacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland.
Midwest Tour 2002
In mid November, ROF flew to Kansas City, MO to start an 11-day tour through five states. Driving from concert to concert, the group gave 16 performances over the course of the tour. From Nebraska to Iowa, from Illinois to Missouri, and finally in Kansas, ROF touched people where ever they went. Many thanks to Shawnee Mission Medical Center for helping make it happen.
Midwest Tour Page
Portland Marathon - Portland, OR
Each year the organizers have asked ROF to participate in the Portland Marathon as a music group participant. Requiring the group to get up early on a Sunday morning, this year the group decided to do a sleepover at the school and have a fun social evening before. Arriving early downtown Sunday morning, they set up and waited for the race to begin. Once it started, the group played for hours as everyone in the marathon ran by. There also was a 10k race that occurred after the last marathon runners had left the starting line.
9/11 Ceremonies - Salem, OR
Gov. Kitzhaber requested that the ROF perform as part of the ceremonies honoring the heroes of 9/11/01 one year ago. The ceremony featured police, fire-fighters, and military representatives from all over the state, plus politicians and other dignitaries gathered on the mall in front of the Oregon State Capitol Building.

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