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Scrapbook for the 2003-04 Ring of Fire group

  This page contains fun moments involving the 2003-04 group. Listing are in reverse chronological order, with oldest at the bottom.
Lincoln-Des Moines Mini-Tour
October 17-20, 2003 - ROF starts the new touring season off early with an October trip to the Midwest. They performed in Lincoln, Nebraska at Union College and at Westminister Presbyterian Church in Des Moines. Explore the photos of this weekend adventure with friends from the Midwest!
Portland Marathon
October 5, 2003 - Each year ROF participates in the Portland Marathon, not as runners but as ringers along the curb of the street, motivating the runners passing inches in front of them. Situated in front of the BMW dealership along First Ave, the story unfolds in pictures. Share with us in the festive occassion as they paint themselves red and go crazy (almost literally) ringing and ringing and ringing...

Europe Tour
June 23-July 10, 2003 - The trip of a lifetime...how can words describe the experience of our much anticipated trip to Europe. After many fundraisers, concerts, sales, donations, planning, and a lot of hard work, our dream came true! But why try to use words...here are some pictures to view this 18-day adventure.
AWR Recording Session
In late June, while visiting England during the European tour, ROF was invited to be interviewed and taped for a future radio spot in the Adventist World Radio programming. Here are some of the photos taken during that session. For more info about this session, check out the news story dated Aug. 1, 2003.

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